Saturday, 27 March 2010

Visit the Austrailian Outback from the Back of a Mail Truck

Like Route 66, the Australian outback has a certain, desolate appeal.   

Now you can visit it in a different way.
The Bush Mail Run is a mail and freight delivery service operating in the outback every Wednesday and Saturday.

The mail is delivered between 7am and 4pm with morning tea at one of the homesteads included.

BYO Lunch and drinks is at Bindara station on the banks of the Darling River with Bill and Barbra .

You will see how the mail and supplies are delivered in the bush to remote country homesteads, the same way for the past 100 years.

# Visit a outback homestead for morning tea at Budgeree Station.

# Travel over 550 km's of Aussie bush roads.

# Visit the grave yard of employees at one of the many stations owned by Sidney Kidman.

# Stop for lunch at Bindara station on the banks of the majestic Darling River.

# See and experience the beauty of the Woolcunda Lake which only fills twice a century.

# See the abuntant wildlife, both native and introduced: like kangaroos, emus, foxes, eagles, goats, occasional wild pigs and other bird life.

# Experience this trip in the comfort of a modern 4WD.

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