Monday, 31 October 2011

Skippy's home saved

Penny Edmonds
Penny Edmonds
THE future of Waratah Park is a step closer to being secured after the rejection of a land claim and a possible inclusion of the site on the NSW Heritage register.
Last week the state government announced it had knocked back a land claim by the Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council on the 12ha home of Skippy.
The claim was lodged in June 2010 after the termination of the park’s lease and the removal of the site’s remaining native animals.
Primary Industries Minister Katrina Hodgkinson rejected the claim because the land was being used “for the essential public purposes or recreation, tourism, education, preservation of cultural heritage and rural residential lands.”
Warringah Council has now moved to preserve the site recently lodging an official nomination for Skippy Park to be included on the NSW Heritage Register.
Waratah Park Nature Reserve Foundation welcomed the move and will now host a fundraising event on Sunday at Manly Vale Community Centre to help prevent the land from being privately acquired by developers.
Waratah Park Nature Reserve Foundation president Penny Edmonds: ``It has always been our goal to preserve Waratah Park and create a sustainable future for the site so that future generations can enjoy it as past ones have. We are now a step closer to achieving that.’‘
Pittwater MP Rob Stokes: Waratah Park had enormous importance to the community.``While Waratah Park has faced a period of turbulence in recent years, our community remains united behind it.’’

Skippy's home saved - The Manly Daily

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